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It’s time to double your following, create a stand-out business on social, and get people engaging with your account.

Social Curator is a subscription that provides you with curated lifestyle photos, engaging caption templates and a proven social media plan to build your following each month. Are you ready to save time…and get your life back?!



As a business owner, you know that in 2019 connecting on social media is the key to growing your income, influence, and impact. But creating content every single day can be daunting!


For those times you’re staring at a blank screen wondering what to post, Social Curator comes to the rescue.

Your membership is an easy step-by-step plan:


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For $37 per month, your subscription grants you access to 30 curated images, 30 customizable caption templates, and an action plan to put it all together. As an annual member, save money by getting 12 issues for the price of 10, enjoy perks such as receiving early access to the monthly issue, and annual-member only bonuses for just $375 a year!


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On the first of the month, you’ll receive an email when a fresh batch of Social Curator lifestyle photos, engaging captions, and marketing plan is ready for you!


Customize to Your Business

Download 30 photos that have been carefully styled and use them alongside the monthly captions, or you can use the monthly photo ideas to create images of your own. This is your chance to use the content to build your personal brand!


Join the Social Curator Community

Often referred to as the best part of the subscription, your final step is to join the Social Curator community: an exclusive, members-only Facebook group for Jasmine’s group coaching, social media critiques, and live Q+A, not to mention networking with incredible business owners sharing the latest social media marketing tips too!

Dealing it to you straight, no chaser.

It’s time for you to stop wasting time on social media, simply hoping your business will grow and your sales will increase. Imagine what it would feel like for you to finally have a proven marketing plan for engagement and get your business noticed online.


This membership is created for you to confidently show up on social media using the best kept marketing secrets designed to position you as a leader in your industry. These marketing plans are the exact processes thousands of members are using to:

Jasmine Star

increase their engagement by 137%

(Jane Merten)


gain 14,000+ Instagram followers in less than a year

(Christina Jendali)


get friends + family to change their view from “just a hobby” to “it’s an actual business!”

(Michelle Carr)

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