Meet Your Social Curator / Secret Weapon

One of the things I hear the most from business owners is their desire for MORE TIME.

I hear ya. If I could gain just one more hour in my day, I could probably build the eighth world wonder in my backyard. Or at least shower before dinner time. 

But since we’re only granted 24 hours, let’s figure out how we can make the most of it together, okay? I’m here to give you back your time. We’re in this together.

Jasmine Star here—your social strategist, photographer, stylist, planner, and copywriter. 

I specialize in curating images + captions that amplify your creativity, ignite new conversations, and captivate your ideal clients.

I spend hours sourcing and styling every curated images, so you don't have to...

I created Social Curator for the overworked + overwhelmed business owner who is ready to…

Fill in your social feed with styled images that match your brand

Test what’s possible when you commit to showing up on social consistently + not missing a beat

Attract attention on social daily with images + captions that inspire real relationships with your ideal clients 

(you do you—I’ll help!)

(even when you haven’t slept, your toddler has the flu, and your brain is fried)

(you’ll be besties in no time)

Because let’s be real—there are times and moments when you’re like, “I really need to post something” or “I don’t have the right words to say.” And you need somewhere to turn. Now you can turn to Social Curator.

Test it out for yourself. You can cancel at any time, which means you’ve got nothing to lose and, oh, only an infinite number of followers, likes, and customers to gain. 

Social Curator is designed to fill in the gaps, provide some slack (we all need it!), and give you the strategic direction + plan you need to be waaaaay more effective on social media. 

I want a social media lifesaver

 (Test it for yourself— You can cancel at any time)


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